Beckett Special Issue

E-Blast Specifications

See Media Kit.

First it is helpful to take a look at those we have already sent.

In the first section, Custom E-Blasts, you can see that we sent out content provided by the advertiser, in either single-image or HTML formats. For any designs, we ask that it be no wider than 640 pixels, so they are somewhat readable on mobile devices. For HTML formats, please store the images on your own servers and have the HTML reference those hosted images (absolute URLs), and no need to provide the images to us. You can have as many links as you want. Please avoid any JavaScript, embedded videos, external CSS file references, animated GIF files (Outlook will not play them), or iframes.

We can also recreate your fairly modest layout in our system if you can provide individual files for the text and each image. You can provide an image or PDF file to indicate the desired layout. We might also be able to recreate the mailing based on a provided web page with your content.

In the second section, Whitepaper E-Blasts, you can see another option. For these, please provide the title of the whitepaper, a short text description of the whitepaper, a logo file and a PDF of the whitepaper, or a URL link to the whitepaper you are hosting. Please also provide an image that represents the whitepaper, or we can generate one from the PDF. You will see that some of our examples link to the advertiser’s registration page to gain access to the whitepaper. Please note that is not necessary because we already know the full contact information of our subscribers and track clicks back to that list.

For the third option, Video E-Blasts, ideally provide us with a link to your video already hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or similar hosting service. If you don’t have that, you can send us the video in YouTube-compatible formats, by uploading here. Alternatively, you can provide us with a URL to a web page you are hosting that primarily features the video. Please also provide a company logo, video title and short text description of the video.

For all of the above, please also provide a suggested subject line that is ideally under about 75 characters.

Optionally provide a short list of email addresses to which we can send a proof of the planned mailing.

Optionally provide a suppression list including any known unsubscribed or competitor email addresses you want to be sure we don’t include in distribution.